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interview 2014 by Tony Carbonell for a magazine online (excerpts)


1- How are your ideas born; inspiration or work??

I tend to think all is about energy. It's much more playful, stimulating to start something when you feel stirred by an emotion, a travel, someone or whatever. You express spontaneously, freely. You don't think. Then after this 'euphoric' step, comes a question of choice, sense and destination, transmission, if it works.


2. What is your methodology of work??

Maybe not that methodology that would make one more efficient, regular or productive in work. But in another way, I do everything very freely, from impulsion, according to natural passion. I suppose that if you receive more propositions, if it becomes a work, you have to organize your time better, your production. It changes many things. Personally, I used to collect many images (personal pictures, magazines, encyclopedias, old papers) to have enough 'vocabulary' but with time, I tend to reduce everything to basics.


3- In some way a part of your collages look like fashion works. Are You related with fashion??

The fashion world is crazy enough and eccentric to offer, via the magazines or the web, the ideal contemporary puppets for my imaginary theater of paper. Fashion does everything with excess. It's a terrible market industry of pure illusions but it's genius in the same time. And luxury and gender abound so I can compose freely with other elements by myself.


4- Your work reminds me of Mother Nature, that is born full of color and hold all creatures in Universe.

Possibly some hidden celtic roots somewhere in my genealogy (lol) I believe in love, wisdom, in abundance, forces of Life, power of light, even in the depths of the Ocean. We still live in a restrictive times of fears and ignorance. A time of survival. But to really live is not to survive


5. An interest for mythology seems to backbone your work?? The myths are founders from childhood to our last breath; they can offer us some precious keys to interpret our existence at another level. I don't use them literally but I like to play with symbols. Sometimes I wonder if they came from the past or the future. The mythology transcends space and time. That's just magical.


6. What parts from your personality do you project in your self-portraits??

The 'self-portraits' are classically an attempt to read the soul, not to stay at the surface of the face. It's an exploration of the facets as the moving reflections on the water mirror. They are more me from the inside or maybe a way to understand Narcissus. People could be disappointed to meet me in real life. I guess it's the same for a comedian.


7. How come so many erotic references exist in your collages?

The Eros is a primordial energy that we need to integrate harmoniously to evolve, much like the foliage of a tree can grow. We came mysteriously from its depths. The erotic images play the role of guardians of the threshold (lol). They are everywhere now in our culture but as long as this symbolic energy remains repressed, damned, Thanatos, the forces of death are dominant and destructive. In inverse, it could be just the beginning of new possibilities, new consciences for the future.









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